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Matt Abe.jpg

Matt Abé

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

London - 3 Michelin Stars

"Jetpac Containers are space saving, practical and an ingenious idea that allows me greater efficiency and flexibility in the kitchen."

Luke French.jpg

Luke French



"Jetpac's are an absolute game changer. Saves space, very useful, super easy to use, clean, hygienic & efficient. Every kitchen should have a couple of Jetpac Containers. The flexibility of the Jetpac makes it so easy to pop out the contents once frozen. No more warming up beakers to remove contents."

James Knappett.jpg

James Knappett

Kitchen Table

London - 2 Michelin Stars

"Pure brilliance."

Chris Cleghorn.jfif

Chris Cleghorn

Olive Tree

Bath - 1 Michelin Star

"Jetpac has become an essential part of our pastry section at The Olive Tree. Compact, efficient and cost effective storage."


Billy Boyter

The Cellar

Anstruther - 1 Michelin Star

"We love our Jetpac Containers. Cost effective and space saving, which is extremely important in a kitchen as small as ours. And my chefs can’t use them as spoon pots."

Paul Leonard.jfif

Paul Leonard

The Forest Side

Grasmere - 1 Michelin Star

"We've just received some of these in our kitchen, they are an absolutely amazing piece of kit."

Johan Ekback.JPG

Johan Ekbäck

Centrum Krog


"Easy and works perfect!!"

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